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Player: Mei
Contact: [ profile] nekomiao 
Age: 31
Current Characters: Annabeth Chase, Haru Okumura, Mai Takatsukasa


Character: Ahim de Famille
Age: 16
Canon: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
Canon Point: Episode 1 

From Wiki 
Ahim de Famille (アイム・ド・ファミーユ Aimu do Famīyu) is a gentle and well-mannered lady who transforms into Gokai Pink (ゴーカイピンク Gōkai Pinku). The fourth member to join Captain Marvelous, she was the princess of the planet Famille before Zatsurigu of the Zangyack Imperial Guard destroyed her home world and killed her parents for not accepting annexation as threatened to. She came across the pirates by chance while on the run, asking to join their crew so that she can fight the Zangyack forces and inspire hope to any other survivors from her home world and any other planet the Zangyack wiped out. Unlike the rest of her crewmates, she was practically useless when she first started out as a pirate due to having no unique utilitarian abilities, having zero martial prowess, constantly making a mess out of chores with her clumsiness, and very slow to catch up to anything. But unlike most of her more trigger-happy and rude teammates or the otherwise spineless Doc, she usually tries to solve conflicts peacefully. Due to her royal upbringing, she is also unusually courteous, not only making her the crew's diplomat, but also capable of easing any tension among her teammates, who would constantly bicker among themselves before she arrived due to their rougher personalities. Her pacifist ideals and in extension, her appearance, should not be taken as a sign of weakness. Due to her time spent training and living with the other pirates, she is now a competent pirate and fully capable of holding her own in a fight, evident when she fends off an armed kidnapper easily and with grace. She is the most fascinated with many aspects of common Earth culture as, being raised in royalty, she has very little understanding of life outside of her high society lifestyle. Her bounty is initially set at Z=500,000 but is later raised to Z=1,000,000 and then Z=2,000,000. After the death of Warz Gill, her bounty increases to Z=4,000,000. Ahim eventually confronts Zatsurigu and finally avenges her family and every other victim out there with the crew's help

But also another wiki here

Her personality is written based on her characterization through the series even though I'm taking her from the start of her canon point. She joins the pirates before the start of canon so her core personality stays the same throughout the series.

** Polite - Ahim was raised in a royal household and was taught to mind her manners and behave like a princess should. This includes ensuring her behaviour is one that reflects her kingdom well and understanding that one day she would be married to her suitor. She accepts things with a high level of grace and dignity and this carries on with her even when she becomes a pirate. Although she is surrounded by a rough and tumble crew, her speech is still very proper (using all the honorifics and no slang) and her actions also follow suit.
** Loyal - She is loyal to her family and her pirate crew. The loyalty for her crew can be seen throughout the series as she stands up for them and fights alongside them. The loyalty for her family and her home planet shows through her history when she joins the pirate crew. The crew initially laugh at her when she, as a know nothing princess, asks them to allow her to join but she convinces them that since her planet was destroyed, the one way she can show her people that she still exists is through the wanted notices that she would get by becoming a pirate. She gives up her good name of the planet De Famille so that the people of her planet who escaped and found refuge in other worlds would at least know she still exists and is still fighting for her home.
** Determined - Linking to her loyalty above, her determination shows through her willingness to fight for her beliefs and to try and bring her home back together, or barring that, at least showing her people that she is still fighting so they should as well. This shows even more when she finds the man (monster) that destroyed her planet in a blaze of fire and she leaves her crew to fight him on her own even though she isn't strong enough. Although she gets knocked down, she keeps getting back up on her feet to fight harder. She wants to take revenge for her family and her home with her own two hands. The other reason for her joining the pirate crew. 
** Kind - Throughout all of her battles with the pirates, she always keeps a kind heart. This also ties in with her Naive example below but she is always looking out for people she can help. Such as helping to defend children or other people who are in the line of fire and she frequently points out the kindness she sees in her pirate crew only to be met with them being standoffish and trying to convince her "we do what we do because we're pirates" and not because they legitimately want to help the people of Earth. Even though that's what they do. She is also the one who looks out for her crew outside of battle, speaking to them gently, diffusing their crew infighting and serving up tea and cake.
** Naive - She doesn't know much about the outside world having grown up in a palace surrounded by security and comforts so the pirates look out for her a lot. Such as the time when she encountered someone trying to kidnap her. Although she was held at gunpoint, she wasn't afraid since she's fought Zangyack in many battles, instead she went along with the kidnapping because she believed the man just wanted help. She called her pirate friends saying "this man needs a lot of money, can you please get some for him?" to which her crew knew immediately of the kidnapping plans but she still honestly believed she was just helping him. Also tied to (independent) she believes that she is able to hide her feelings and is very good at convincing people she's okay but she's very easy to see through.
** Independent (tries to be) - This applies both on the ship and in battle. Although she's much better on the ship now. When she first joined, she tried to be independent by helping out the crew with the chores but she frequently failed such as adding too much soap to the washing machine and flooding out the ship as well as breaking cleaning equipment when she tried to clean. She's much better with the chores now but it took a lot of work for her to get to that stage. She also tries very hard to deal with matters herself. Such as when she found the monster that killed her home she tried to leave the crew to fight him herself to the point where she tried to leave late at night and quietly whispered her apologies and goodbyes to the crew she thought was sleeping, only to find them waiting at the door on her waiy out because they saw through her plan. 
** Brave - She was brave enough to escape the planet herself while it was burning down and then seek out the pirates and walk straight up to them to ask them to allow her onto the crew. Despite them laughing at her she still asked them to allow her to join and now ventures into battle with them on a regular basis to defend other planets. She doesn't back down from a fight.
** Mischievious - In one particular episode this shows through as she is the first to raise her hand to be the pretend bride to lure out one of their enemies. She then spends the rest of the episode swapping into various cosplay outfits without any hesitation to continue drawing out said enemy. This included outfits such as cute nurse and cute police officer. Outfits which one of the crew captures images of on their phone causing the rest of the crew to wonder where their innocent princess has gone. But this trait was always there, waiting to come out. It was just hidden by her good princess upbringing.
** Holds her ground/Confident - From being raised as a proper princess with the idea that she was going to one day be the queen of her kingdom, she was raised to believe that she can handle anything and would have to one day. She would be taught to take control of the situation where possible (which leads to her tried and sometimes failed attempts to be indepenent and her bravery) and to then portray herself in a manner where people would look up to her. She knows how to lead people although she is just as happy being led as she follows her leader Marvelous of the gokai crew.
** Inquisitive - Again, since she was raised within the walls of her royal household, she hasn't had much experience with the outside world so she does a lot of self exploration. Since she's no longer a princess being guarded, she is now free to walk around towns by herself which she finds absolutely thrilling and will go out to explore on her own frequently. She does things like tries out new teas and cakes, buys small trinkets and presents for her crew and just wants to experience live as a normal teenager. As normal as a pirate teenager can get anyway.
** Calming force with emotions (which would apply very much at Emp) - Ahim is a very calm and gentle person who is good at diffusing other people's negative emotions. Before she joined the crew, they would frequently butt heads and fight. The ship was a mess and nobody really took care of themselves or each other. When Ahim joined, she made sure each person was looked after and would be abl to diffuse angry situations by either saying a few soft words to each person and serving tea or by her general behaviour just making people at ease and laugh. Specifically one episode where they say the reason Ahim is an integral part of their crew is that the crew became a proper family when she joined the galleon.

** Very hard working - Asides from the already talked about points of her joining the crew and trying to master her chores, she is also shown to be very hard working when they go to find the child of a tiger. She takes up learning kenpo to strengthen herself to be of better use during fights and works so hard to the point where she is falling asleep at the dining room table in front of everyone. A side of herself she usually wouldn't reveal to anybody. She displays this work ethic through the series, wanting to always be of help to her crew and ensuring she becomes an integral member of the team.

- She is adept with a gun and has her own that she would bring with her. 
- She has a saber (sword) that she fights with and brings everywhere with her but she's not as good with it
- There is a ranger key that she slots into her mobile phone that allows her to transform into the pink pirate ranger and gives her slightly stronger powers allowing herself to hold her own in battle.

Alignment: Daimonia - Firstly, pink is her colour as a part of the gokaiger. Sentai (power rangers) has an assigned colour for each member and this fits her perfectly. But also grief and joy fit her life story. She comes from grief when her planet was taken over by the Zangyack and she watched her family get killed in a fire which burned down her kingdom. She had to watch her people flee as the planet was destroyed but she gained joy from finding a new family and travelling through space with them. She is finding joy in the new life she has as a free person not confined to the teachings of her palace even though she would have been just as happy with that life also.

I have hiatus set up for Annabeth and Haru for September and October but I am going to keep Ahim and Mai active for my hiatus. 


General Sample: TDM top level here

I also wrote a fic for her here (AU) but shows her personality

Emotion Sample: Emotion sample here but also in the top level linked above

Questions: No questions but if you need more evidence of her general personality, please let me know and I can write up another fic or something similar to show her.


It's not as easy to be a princess as it may sound. Sure, you get the perks of nice things, pretty clothes and living in a giant home with people to look after you but there's all the downsides people don't talk about. Having to be proper, not experiencing what it's like to be free and the hardest part was not picking who you get to be with. Ahim had grown up knowing all of this and she was resigned to her future with this boring man that was picked for her but that doesn't mean she had to feel inside what she was forced to outwardly express.

And thankfully it was many years before she had to actually settle down with this said fiancee so until then, she was content with spending time on her own. Worrying about the one person who had caught her attention. This one person who she knew has recently been deployed to defend her home from invasion. 

She never knew if he was going to come home and whether or not he would even come by to see her when he did. It wasn't like it was a part of his duties to do so but it was something she did quietly look forward to. Actually, part of her was wondering how long his most recent deployment would be. And wondered if this time she could convince her father to let him stay. 

Maybe he had risen high enough in the ranks she could ask for a personal bodyguard. 


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A crimson droplet tricked down her cheek as Ahim pulled herself out from the rubble that had covered her. With a final groan, she was able to pull herself free with the help of the magnificent gold dragon, Marvelous, as she had stood carefully by watching her. Her breathing was ragged from the physical strain of pulling herself free. The last few moments were spent ordering Marvelous to stay back as she wasn't sure if the dragon haphazardly moving rubble may cause more danger to the people around her.

As she stood and surveyed the damage around her, she realized that her efforts held no meaning. The army that she came to defend her home lay scattered around, some buried under rubble and others no longer moving. Her dark eyes gazed up into the darkened sky, her expression hardened to the few remaining dragons swooping threateningly, as if keeping an eye out for any survivors. She remained low.

Ahim brushed down the front of her light pink battle gown. This wasn't her fault. She knew it wasn't. There were meetings with her tacticians, this was the best course of action. This was the only course of action. However, this was her fault. She led the charge. She should have seen this coming. Another scan of the ground near her showed a sword that was familiar to her. There was a small gasp and she dropped down to her knees to pick it up. As the anger welled up in her chest, Marvelous released a roar which echoed around their surroundings.

"Let's go." Her voice was soft and she didn't need to elaborate. Marvelous and her were linked. For better or worse, they were going to fight this to the end. She was their Queen and she was going to show them that she wasn't just given this role. She was to earn it.

Marvelous lowered herself to be mounted and Ahim easily slipped onto her back. With one flap of her wings, they were airborne. There were only three remaining of the invasion; they were so close. If she wasn't careless, there would have been less casualties. Upon hearing those thoughts, the gold dragon hesitated and Ahim shook her head. She urged her companion forward. She was going to need to control her emotions if they were to get through this.

Within a few moments, she was upon her first enemy. "Drop." Marvelous nosedived below that enemy with practised ease and without another command picked up the timing to swoop up from below the enemy as Ahim pulled the sword in her grasp up through the opposing dragon body. There was a loud screech of surprise and then pain as that dragon fell to the ground far beneath them. The only problem now being the final two have now been drawn to her location.

She didn't care if she wasn't going to go back this time. All she needed to do was defend her kingdom for the next Queen to step into her place. Marvelous let out a roar. She knew that like her Queen, this may be the end but she led the charge towards the final two opponents. Normally, the Queen doesn't go to the front line but she wasn't like the others.

Ahim wasn't going to hide behind someone else. She was going to defend her home with her own two hands.

She held on tight as Marvelous sped up and aimed her sword true. She was going to take down one but the other was going to be upon her right after. It was going to hurt but she was ready for it. With a roar, Marvelous bit down hard on the other dragon's wing as Ahim despatched him in the similar fashion as the first. Then she closed her eyes instinctively as the final dragon reared its head to end her.

If the rider is killed, then the dragon will go with them to the other world. Everybody knew that. She knew that her defence isn't strong enough to remain in battle. She was ready to die.

But a few moments passed and nothing came. Maybe it was swift and she didn't feel it. She was too afraid to open her eyes but she could feel Marvelous urging her to. Right beside her, she saw him, gently flying next to her on his own dragon.

"Joe..." her breath was a whisper. She thought he had...He would never have let this go otherwise. Ahim's eyes dropped down to the sword in her hands and she urged Marvelous a little closer to pass the weapon back to him. Instead of him taking the sword, she felt Cid gently reach over and take the weapon into his own mouth as the swordsman pulled her onto his own dragon's back.

There was a huff from Marvelous as this happened. Rude. Come in the last moment and take the glory. But there was also a note of pleasure in that huff as she decided to fly in circles around them, free to do as she pleased.

"Even if I’m injured, even if I’m destroyed
This body will be a shield to protect you"
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They had burned down her home, torn apart her family, destroyed her planet's livelihood...the nicest thing they could have done after that would be to let her die, instead they decided to capture the princess and take her along with them. After keeping her locked up long enough to wear down her screaming and fighting, they finally sold her for a very fine price to an auction house. Beats trying to find a private buyer themselves.

The auction house then spent a few months training a little more obedience into her. It wasn't hard, she was already broken down and she was raised to be polite and obedient. There was only so much you could train a person, however. And there was some traits she would never let go of. Bottom line is, this slave was probably one of the best you could get with every day obedience and servitude but she wasn't going to be of any use to you in bed unless you were into control and forced submission.

After going through all that, the broken down princess was now locked up in a small cage, in a row of other females waiting to be sold to new masters. She was huddled in the back corner, all of her clothing removed and trying to cover up as much of herself as she could. Which wasn't very much help at all in her condition. And even though there were other girls trying to attract attention from possible buyers, people still hung around her cage more. They knew her background. They could have their very own princess.

She kept her head down. If she stayed quiet, they would lose interest. If she finally stopped eating, she could just fade away here but a part of her still hung onto life. Still thought that perhaps if she stayed here long enough she would be able to find a way to break out, find her own freedom. Get her home back. Eventually, they would let their guard down around her, right?

"What about this one?"

"That one? She doesn't look like she'd be good in bed."

"But it's a princess! And once she's yours, you can just make her good in bed, right?

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 [Something had been playing on her mind for quite some time now. Something that was beginning to get louder as the days pass and there was finally somebody here that she could talk to and probe for more information. So she had made it her mission to find Luka and see if she could have a quiet talk with her. Somewhere secluded so they would be uninterrupted. 

Hopefully the day wouldn't disappear before she located her friend]
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 "Ahim de Famille." 

She was standing in front of her mirror, staring intensely into the woman who stood before her. The person in front of her had grace, she had elegance and was proud to be the future queen of her planet. Ahim was raised correctly, to be proper and to never let her guard down. To ensure that she would eventually be paired with someone fit to her her king, she was taught what to look for in a suitor and how to claim his hand in marriage.

None of that mattered now. Her family was gone, her planet razed and her people were scattered across the galaxy. But even though none of that mattered, so many of these things have been ingrained into her being that she wasn't sure what was Ahim the princess and what was Ahim, the girl. 

Ahim looked again towards the girl in the reflection. Her hands were clasped properly in front of her body, her hair was meticulously fixed up and her clothes were properly pressed. Even though she had become a member of this pirate crew so many moons ago, her deportment remained; her speech patterns were unchanged and the way she related to other people were fixed.

This girl was raised to be a queen. She had to be a mediator, someone who understood situations and were able to diffuse them when required. A quality she knew was important on this Galleon. She could understand the feelings and thoughts of others and reach out when required. But there was one thing that she was unable to take control of. 

The enigma on board the Galleon. The one person in blue that was so casually nearby that it almost hurt sometimes. And in the moment she thought about him, the figure before her crumbled and became the girl she really was. The girl she had been taught to hide away. There was a shy smile, an almost longingly sad gaze and almost an expression of defeat. Back at home, he would have been out of reach due to politics.

On the Galleon? He was just plain out of reach and she couldn't put her finger on why. Ahim turns away from the image before her and instead, sits on her bed, making it a point to ignore the gaze of the girl who was willing for her to be truthful for once. She was raised to be confident, strong, be brave enough to do anything. But, it was impossible for her to do this one tiny task. She picks up the bear on her bed, the bear also dressed in blue and with a little sword accessory. 

There was one bear for each member of her crew, so it was definitely not out of place. But, if anybody looked closely, they may notice that this one bear had a little more attention, a little more wear and tear than the rest of them. The one she kept closest to herself. It was the little things that she did that nobody else noticed. The lingering gaze over her teacup as he's busy counting to another set of 100 sit ups.

Or maybe it was the way she would slow down sometimes when she walked past him through the Galleon. She had love and affection for everyone one of her crew mates but this one was a little different than the others. This one, she could feel a little deeper. The one that brought a slightly different smile to her expression and a little more of a skip in her step. The voice she waited to hear each morning just so she could remind herself that he did exist.

And for now, that was all she could hope for.

"Joe. One day I hope you notice me more than you do now."

And one day? She really will call him Joe.

Just Joe. 

Nothing else required.

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Ahim de Famille

in the world of Court

Story so far...

There will be a story here. 



Known objectives 

She'll get there eventually!


Unknown Objectives




TBA - currently working on this

NAME: Ahim de Famille

CANON: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

CANON POINT: End series

Rank: Pawn

Silver: 0





THREADJACKING: Y (depending on the circumstances)

MIND READING: Y (go crazy with this)

FIGHTING: Y (she will hand your ass to you)

ROMANCE: Y (all the yes)


KILLING: Y/N ?  (let's discuss this)


NAME: Mei/Mai (I answer to both tbh)
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 [She may have been raised as a princess but Ahim was tough. She knew that if she wanted something she was going to have to work for it and she would have to find her own way to get it. The first step was joining up with the pirates and that worked out grand. But now there was more that she wanted. Since giving up the greatest treasure, there was a yearning for what she had. 

Not to change the past because there was a bond with her crew she would never be able to give up now. But to change the future.

If you become a queen you can bring back the dead. And she hoped to do just that. Her family, her entire planet. Her wish was grand but she would attain it with her own two hands.

With that in mind, she had walked straight through that door without any hesitation into a land where her clothing suddenly turned into horrible 2nd rate cotton. Well this wasn't something they told her about. She patted down her flaccid coat  and started to panic just a tiny bit. All of her stuff was also gone; her weapons, her cellular. Everything.]


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